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Garlic Noodles

Hello my lovelies, I have a story to tell you!

Garlic Noodles

It was 1:14am last night, my eyes were starting to glaze over from staring at my computer for so long. I finally cooked, took the time to take pictures and started to edit said pictures. I needed a break, because I hadn’t done it in so long, I was struggling a bit; so I went to the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth and hair. That’s when I saw it… that small silver glint in the mirror as my brush bristles ran through my hair. I thought I was imagining it so I did it again.. and there it was again! I smushed my face as close as I could to the mirror and starting finger combing through my hair and there it was, a gray hair. I had a gray hair. I tried to yank it out but my fingers too clumsy and my eyes too dim at that time of night so I grabbed a tweezer. I kept tweezing off good hairs and my frustration further mounted with the gray one still taunting me. Finally I made my way down the hall to my brother’s room, banged on the door once and barged in like a raging mad woman with my hair half covering my face and forcing a tweezer into his fully asleep hand and screaming “Get it for me!! OMG, I can’t get it!!!” Continue reading “Garlic Noodles”

Chicken & Tofu Coconut Soup

Hi Dolls!

Chicken & Tofu Coconut Soup

A scant 3 days later and I’m posting again!? My goodness! I even surprise myself but even better news, I have 4 other recipes on back log! I took the time to cook this weekend so I have things to post in the coming week. Aren’t you proud!? I know you are!

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Mee Katang Kroeung Sa-Mut: Cambodian Seafood Noodles

Sooo… Hii!!
Mee Katang Kroeung Sa-Mut

First of all, I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for the kind words I received via FB, IG, email and comments on this blog. I adored all the encouraging words asking me to continue to write and post these recipes. Sometimes I don’t feel good enough, especially when I cruise through endless amazing blogs. Then I remember to never compare myself to others and to do just the best that I can.

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Cha K’Ney Sach Moun – Ginger Chicken w/ Yellow Squash and Bell Peppers

Cha K'Ney Sach Moun - Ginger Chicken w/ Yellow Squash and Bell Peppers

It’s been a hard week for me, both emotionally and physically. As the summer comes to an end and my time frees up more, I find myself wondering “what now?”. I usually think “what now” as I go from insanely busy to quieter days. It’s been an emotional roller coaster for me that somehow manifest itself into physical pain. Strange how that happens.

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Cha Troap – Cambodian Stirfried Eggplants with Turkey and Snow Peas

Cha Troap - Cambodian Stirfried Eggplants with Turkey and Snow Peas

There was an earthquake in my area last night at about 3:30 am. The center was about 1 hour north of my home in the SF Bay Area in Wine Country, the Napa Valley. I adore Napa and I hope there wasn’t too much structural damage though it has been declared a state of emergency. I did see too many wineries with bottles and barrels smashed on the floor, my heart goes out to the smaller businesses which, no doubt are taking a major financial hit from this 6.1 quake. I find myself grateful the quake wasn’t further south, with a magnitude that high, there would’ve been so much damages and fear in my area and I realized as I rode out the quake sitting up on my bed that my family and I aren’t prepared.

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Lemongrass Chicken Fried Quail w/ Hennessy Glazed Carrots

Lemongrass Chicken Fried Quail w/ Hennessy Glazed Carrots

I’ve made quails with Kroeung many ways. Pan fried, grilled, bbq, oven baked but for some reason I’ve never thought to bread them and fry them like fried chicken! I tried it out a few months ago and loved it, since then I’ve reworked this recipe more than a few times to get to its present state. I swear, chicken fried anything is fantastic. I’m a sucker for chicken fried steak and I know there’s chicken fried bacon out there somewhere! Although it’s not something I indulge in very much, as much as I love gloriously fatty foods, I love not having a heart attack more.

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