Berkeley: Missed Money Shot and Vegan Sweet Treats

“C.R.E.A.M!!! Cash rules everything around me..” I already had the song stuck in my head from bumpin’ Wu-Tang while getting ready to head to my sister’s place for a family bbq this past Memorial Day weekend. She and her fiance busted out the culinary chops and made Juicy Lucys with all the fixin’s while I contributed spicy sweet potato fries (recipe and photos soon!), after stuffing our faces, we wanted..NEEDED something sweet and started looking up joints we can pop to for a quick fix. I suggested Cinnaholics for vegan cinnamon rolls I’ve heard so much good stuff about. Everyone else wanted ice cream. The solution? Pop to (new to me) C.R.E.A.M and Cinnaholics (just for me!) in Berkeley.

Cookies Rules Everything Around Me
2399 Telegraph Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 649-1000

I love the concept.. warm cookies sandwiching yummie ice cream flavors and it’s CHEAP! A cookie sandwich (2 cookies and a scoop of ice cream) is only $2!! Yes.. $2!!!! I was all sorts of excited while we waited in line on Telegraph, plus the weather was gorgeous and perfect for an ice cream treat. Apparently we weren’t the only ones who thought so because after we got in line, it quickly grew to almost 20 deep behind us. You choose from 6 or 7 different cookies and about 5 vegan variety, plus a dozen different ice creams.

Snickerdoodle cookies with Coffee Almond Fudge Ice Cream ($3) on the left and Chocolate Chip cookies with Salted Caramel Ice Cream ($2) on the right (of course she took a bite before I could take a pic!)

My sister got the chocolate chip cookies with salted caramel ice cream. The cookies were amazingly yummy, soft with bitter-sweet chips, I thought the salted caramel ice cream was just “ok” it was plenty caramel-y but lacked the punch of salt I was looking for. When I saw they had Snickerdoodle cookies, I nearly jumped for joy, I can honestly say that they are my favorite cookies in the world, simple and yummy. C.R.E.A.M’s Snicklerdoodle is vegan, which didn’t deter me the least. Vegan cookie sandwiches cost $3 instead of $2, but that’s barely enough to make me bat an eyelash. I got mine with a Coffee Almond Fudge ice cream and it was delish!! I was asked if I wanted my cookies warmed up, but I declined. My cookies were crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside with great mouth feel and flavor. I couldn’t believe they were vegan!! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I definitely didn’t miss the dairy. The ice cream was a great consistency as well, it wasn’t hard, so it made eating a lot easier. I was actually diggin’ how messy it got, with the ice cream squishing out everywhere and having to run my tongue all around the perimeter of the cookie to lick up every last luscious creamy goodness. Sometimes when it’s just that good, you don’t really care how you look, or the small grunts of satisfaction you make every time you sink your teeth in.

The only thing that irked me was when I tried to take a pic of the menu inside, the guy behind the counter wouldn’t let me. No matter, I’ll still come back for my sugar fix!

2132 Oxford St
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 647-8684

After we polished off our ice cream sandwiches, we took an 8 block walk down to Cinnaholics. I read about it on the Single Guy’s website and mentally bookmarked it as a go-to. Having had a good experience that day with the vegan cookies, and reading some great review on Yelp, I was super excited during our walk. Now that I think about it, it could have been the sugar high we were all on from CREAM. We finally got there and a super cute guy (he was sweet too!) took my order. The place itself is small, but with clean lines, a large counter to display the daily combos, 2 outdoor tables, a few inside tables and a great feel to it. A regular cinnamon roll (the “old School”) is $4.25, but you get to customize your order with your choice of 25 ($0.25 each) different frosting and close to 30 ($0.25 each) different toppings! I picked a HUGE.. and I do mean HUGE vegan brownie for my baby brother. He already started munching on it before I could snap a picture. I had a bite and it was pretty awesome. Dense, dark chocolately with that great chewy top, I picked out a corner piece, so it had that crisp side to it also. Damn it was a good brownie and only.. get this.. $2!!! $2 for a HUGE… HUGE vegan brownie? I’m a fan already!

Cinnamon Roll with Coffee Frosting and Pecans ($4.75)

I had planned on tasting a few different frostings, the first I chose was coffee. It was so yum, I decided not to even bother trying the others and just went with that. I wasn’t going to get any toppings, but after staring at the menu and seeing how yum they all looked, I decided on pecans to make it simple. Almost $5 for a cinnamon roll isn’t exactly cheap, but if you really think about it, it’s:
Lower in saturated fat
Made with heart-healthy soy
Sweetened with evaporated beet juice
Made with non-hydrogenated oils

How could you NOT feel good about eating that!? My roll took about 6 mins to make.. it came out hot with the coffee frosting dripping all over it and scattered with pecans. I seriously got excited as I took a quick whiff while my camera turned on so I can grab a quick shot..and then… my camera ran out of batteries! WHAT!!!??? How grossly anti-climatic is that!? It’s like missing the friggin’ money shot!! I MISSED THE MONEY SHOT! To top it off, I left my BlackBerry in my car so I was more so camera-less. Luckily my future brother-in-law whipped out his iPhone and snapped a quick pic for me! Everyone took a bite and I was the last the have a taste and honestly, it lived up to the hype..BIG TIME! It was crusty on the outside and the inside was soft pillow-y folds of cinnamon goodness saturated with the thick coffee frosting. It was worth the drive to Berkeley, worth the 8 blocks walk, worth the $4.75 price tag, worth the 6 minutes waiting, worth the 20 seconds of anxiety when my camera failed on me, worth the wait while everyone else took bites before I finally got mine. WORTH IT!!!

BTW… Car vs Bike… I tipped Cars!! Not sure what I’m talking about? Visit Cinnaholic and take a look at the tip jars!

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  1. Kairo Lange says:

    You just made my mouth water big-time and all I have sweet to eat in the house is a small pack of about 10 M&M’s.

    1. Ms Fatty says:

      I hope those M&Ms are peanut!!!

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