Marketplace: A Trip Down Asian Junk Food Memory

I’ve had mad cravings for some childhood treats lately, so last Monday I recruited my sister to go on a junk food run with me. We visited Long Hing Market (formally known as Win Long) to get my fix and for a trip down memory lane. My parents used to shop here on a weekly basis when we were younger. It was never clean by any means, the floor was alway dingy, some of the shelves had dust on them, the workers weren’t exactly friendly if you didn’t speak their language, but it was affordable and had the Southeast Asian products my parents love. When we’d tag along for one of their shopping trips, we’d inevitably find our way to the treats aisle and a bag of Shrimp Chips or Fruit Jelly Cups would magically sneak into the basket while my Mommy wasn’t looking. Yea we’re stealth ninjas like that!

On this trip, we went straight for that same aisle, literally squealing with delight when we saw some of the stuff we used to love and haven’t bought in YEARS! I apologize in advance for some of the blurry pictures. I’m still learning how to use different settings on my camera and we were trying to take quick pics incase the workers tried to stop us!

Long Hing Market
830 International Blvd
Oakland, CA 94606

Lucky Candy and White Rabbit
Memories! I so heart these! I even love the rice paper wrapper on the White Rabbit candy, we used to joke that we were eating plastic.

Lychee Juice Boxes and Haw Flakes
We all loved the sugary juice boxes and my brother and I would scarf down the Haw Flakes as quickly as our little mouths could. Funny enough, my sister hated the Haw Flakes.

Yan Yan!
I ask you, what Asian kid didn’t love this treat? Crunchy cookie sticks and incredibly sweet dips in different flavors. I always got vanilla or strawberry while my siblings coveted the chocolate. I used to eat the cookie sticks with very little of the sweet cream until the very end when I could used my index finger to scoop it out and suck til my heart’s content.

Butter Coconut Cookies
My parents loved these as much as the kids did! Crisp and buttery with a light coconut flavor.

Ta Yuan Cuttlefish in Hot BBQ flavor.
I know it looks weird, but trust me when I say it’s crazzzzy YUM! Cuttlefish is a lot like a squid and it’s been dried into a beef jerky like texture, it’s just a salty spicy fish jerky. I’m craving some so bad right now!

Mini Jelly Cups
We used to love these things! They were best when cold, so we’d store them in the fridge, but we could never wait the hours it took to chill them down. It’s jello but tasted nothing like real fruit. Just sweet and sugary. I had them again, even waited over night to let them properly chill in the fridge, but they were so artificial tasting! It’s funny how our taste buds have matured.

Jelly Cups
Same as above, but these were bigger and each cup is a single flavor vs the mixed fruit mini cups. My favorites were always Lychee and Pineapple, I just to hide them in the back of the fridge so no one would eat them! The best part about these big ones were the cute little paddle spoons (much like the ones they give at gelato places) in every package. We thought they were the cutest little spoons EVER!

Durian Cream Wafers
I hate fresh Durian with a passion, I can’t stand the smell or the textures of it. I can’t understand how my parents can scarf those things down in 20 seconds flat. Now Durian cookies, a whole other ball park. I LOVE these things and still buy them pretty often when I’m at the Asian market. They do have a slight pungent Durian smell and after taste to them, but all that sugar whipped in helps. I adore these things!

Shrimp Chips
Now we’ve come to the GODFATHER of all Asian snackage. The incredibly infamous Shrimp Chips. I heart these things hardcore and YES I just finished a bag earlier today. There are times when I crave the pungent salty crispy snacks. I can’t even explain them but to say they’re really friggin’ great!

My Daddy looked at us curiously as we walked in the house with our bags of goodies. When I started to put my groceries away he exclaimed in Khmer “Why did you buy so much kid foods?“, it made me laugh when I turned around to see him rummaging through the bags and pulling out the butter coconut cookies to munch on. I think he misses them as much as we did.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. rsmacaalay says:

    Wow, those junk food are my favorites as well. Specially that white rabbit, I even rememeber when we were kids we are so amazed we can eat the inner wrapper.

    1. Ms Fatty says:

      Absolutely! I ate nearly the whole bag after I bought it, I think I can do without for the next few months/years! It was so sweet!

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