Oakland: Nieves Cinco de Mayo

There is only one remedy for those hot hot Oakland days. Head over to Nieves Cinco de Mayo for amazing hand-made ice cream. True artisan ice cream that can give San Francisco’s Bi Rite and Mitchell’s a run for their money. In fact, if you were to put this shop in the Mission district, you’d have all the tight pants wearing non-conformist hipsters banging down the door just for a small taste of their elote or queso ice cream. Yea, I said it.. QUESO.. cheese ice cream. I went for the elote ice cream that day but tasted the Queso and was BLOWN away, next trip over, double scoop of the Queso definitely. The owner is amazingly sweet and his Elote ice cream is as fresh and sweet as any summer corn I’ve ever tasted. His tiny shop inside Fruitvale Public Market is where all the magic happens, and on weekends you can find him there hand churning a small batch of something good. Seriously, hand churning, who does that anymore!? He does and when you put great ingredients and an experienced hand together, the outcome is so mind-blowing, you don’t think twice about calories. Screw calories.

Nieves Cinco de Mayo
Fruitvale Public Market
3340 E 12th St
Ste 2
Oakland, CA 94601
(510) 533-6296

One scoop of Elote (corn) Ice Cream ($1.50)

Creamy, not too sweet, no funky aftertaste and is seriously one of the best secrets in all of Oakland.

So many amazing flavors, I want to try them all and will this summer before the menu changes. Seasonal flavors, sweet owner, incredibly fair prices.. I’m glad I moved back to Oakland.

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