Alameda County Fair

It’s becoming a tradition for my family to visit the Alameda County Fair every year now. My sister and I look at it as an excuse to indulge in one of our all time favorite fried item.. the CORNDOGS! I thought I’d eat more honestly, but with the heat that day, I ended up only eating 3 things but drinking a ton of water. The great thing about our county fair is mostly all the exhibits and shopping are indoors, it gave us all a chance to browse in cool air-conditioned buildings while escaping the heat. It was close to 98 degrees of dry heat the day we went but I loved every moment of it, my only disappointment is not getting to really eat all the foods I wanted. I wanted to try Fried Coke that I had seen other years but didn’t see this year, and after my 18 inch corn dog, I was full for the rest of the day!

Onto the pictures, will update this post later when I’ve gotten the “better” pictures from Vibol’s dslr camera.

Juicy’s huge bbq rig.. truck.. trailer.. I don’t even know what to call it! It was massive! They also made the world’s biggest hamburger the day before we got there and sold bites for 99 cents with the proceeds being donated to the Alameda County Community Food Bank. We picked up our biggest meal here, 2-18 inch corn dog, 1-15 inch corn dog and a basket of cheesy curly fries almost bigger then the baby brother’s head. When I asked if the huge corn dogs were just 3 hotdogs on a stick, the guy shook his head and told me they had them specially made for them in that size. It was a huge piece of meat and really good, not too salty, but not enough of the sweet corn meal batter for me. Still, it was one indulgent meal, I can’t believe I put down 18 inches!

(edit.. some pictures I processed for fun and some I left as is)

Edible display based on the movie Tangled. Fantastic right!?

Apparently.. he’s cooking up racoon.

My favorite event… PIG RACES!

Fresh hot cinnamon sugar glazed cashews. SO GOOD!

Last bite before leaving the fair, deep fried Oreos. I gotta admit it, these things were SO GOOD!

Can’t wait til next year!

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