Sugar Induced Epic Shopping Spree

My sister’s wedding is coming up, quicker then we all anticipated. Sure they’ve been planning it for a year, but now that it’s barely a month away, we’re all scrambling crazy hardcore trying to get things done. Seriously, when it’s my turn, I’m going to elope. Going through this process once as a maid of honor is enough for me! Hello drive thru wedding and buffet reception!

I digress, my sister needed shoes for the wedding, so we hit up Westfield mall aka San Francisco Center with my mom and baby brother one day to get our epic shopping spree on. After countless shoe stores, many pairs tried on (by us both), she finally bought some gorgeous heels, which I found btw. We couldn’t have done it without the sugar high provided by Beard Papa conveniently located at the food court in the “basement” of the mall. Beard Papa reminds me of Papa Smurf for some reason, but that’s not the point. Beard Papa is a Japanese company with franchises all over the world, I’m not hating, I love chains that push pastries to the masses. Crispy pastry shells with creamy centers of vanilla, chocolate or any one of their daily special flavors topped off powdered sugar. Lucky for me, coffee cream was the special that day and we all know what a coffee fiend I am. They describe their cream filling as a cross between custard cream and whipped cream, that just means their stuff is crazy messy to eat, squirting is imminent. I like my creamy centers a bit more stiff though, and stay in my pastry as I gobble it down.. not dripping off my chin. The coffee cream needed a stronger coffee flavor but I enjoyed this mall madness pastry. Too bad it didn’t make me brave enough to buy 5 1/2 inch sparkly pink pumps. God they were sexy.

San Francisco Shopping Center
845 Market Street Suite # FE16
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 978-9975
Beard Papa

Coffee Cream Puff and Vanilla Cream Puff ($2.25 each)

Coffee Cream Puff ($2.25)

The website describes their Coffee Cream Puffs as so: A delightful bittersweet combination of our original custard and our supreme hand-picked coffee; a popular flavor among our older customers.
I prefer coffee anything.. I am now an “older customer”, and can I please pat myself on the back for that sexy picture? Love the oooozing creamy goodness cascading down the pastry shell. I just has a little food-gasm, pardon me as I blush and hide my face.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Faith Nicole says:

    you can always send the 5 1/2 inch sparkling pink pumps to me size 8 pwease!

    1. Ms Fatty says:

      rofl..then I’d be wayyy too jealous of your feet!!

  2. Faith Nicole says:

    pffft but you love me.

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