Lunch Under $10: Oakland – Gerardo’s Mexican Restaurant

My computer is broken, it has been for a. few weeks now and I haven’t fixed it yet. It makes it so hard to blog especially when I don’t have access to my photoshop to help arrange photos. Working on the tiny screen of my phone isn’t the same so I thought I’d test out this wordpress app and do some “light blogging”.

I’ve been wanting to feature lunches under $10 for quite some time now. With my lack of a steady income, I need to save money but not have to resort to fast food chains for my lunches. I hope this app works well for this new blogging endeavor, at least until I can bring my recipe back online.

My first post has to be one of my favorite taqueria’s in Oakland, my brother Matt introduced it to me years ago after he kept bringing home the best quesadillas I’ve ever tasted. I bugged him to take me one day, its a small hole in the wall mom n pop shop. It doesn’t even say the name on the front, just “Mexican Food To Go”. Nothing fancy just good food fast, love that! They have a small limited menu with only 5 meat choices.

I’m a sucker for their Colorado Chili. Beef slow cooked in chilies until soft and falling apart. I usually get it as a quesadilla, the portions here are incredibly generous, but today I decided for crispy tacos.

3 crispy Colorado Chili tacos $4.50
1 Mexican Coke $2.00

A great filling lunch from sweet owners in the most unassuming spot.

Gerardo’s Mexican Restaurant
3811 MacArthur Blvd
Oakland, CA 94619
(510) 531-5255

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