Lunch Under $10: Fresno – The Habit Burger Grill

Ok, so I said I would refrain from posting about chain fast food joints for the blog, but its an order/take a seat type of facility NOT a drive thru, so it passes for me!

The first time I ate at Habit was a few months ago when I came down to visit my brother at Fresno State. The sometime-a-3hr-trip makes me famish because I don’t consider a 3hr drive a road trip so I never take breaks while driving. Seeing the huge sign in a plaza with a Coach and Whole Foods made me stop because I realized how badly I wanted a burger. I was incredibly surprised at how cheap everything was! A typical double cheeseburger is only $3(and some change), seriously, you can’t even buy a burger for that much at Burger King!


So fast forward to Tuesday, I popped down to Fresno with my siblings and mom for Fresno State’s CCA encore performance of Judge Me Not: The Story of Who I Am. Written and directed (and sound engineered, proud!!!) by my brother, its a love story about a young Cambodian deportee who falls in love with a traditional girl while trying to learn how to survive his new life in the “old country”. Yes I rambled a bit, but I’m super proud of my brother!

My sibs and I love Habit (the actual topic of the post) so we stopped in before the show. They cook everything to order and have a nice variety on their menu. My mom is an almost-vegetarian and doesn’t eat much meat, luckily they have a veggie burger that she actually enjoyed. We ordered at the counter, get a buzzing pager when food is up and enjoyed it indoors since it was super windy o n the patio. My meal was $10.85 with tax, but I’m listing it because I didn’t even drink my coffee milkshake, I ended up giving it to my sister after 2 sips. Though thick and creamy, there wasn’t enough coffee flavor for me. I ended up finishing her diet Coke instead.

The burger was well made, I chose the Swiss Mushroom, it came with 2 beef patties with swiss cheese, mushrooms, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes oozing between a toasted bun. I also had a side of sweet potato fries with spicy ketchup that I made myself using their condiment bar, half Tapatio hot sauce and ketchup. Filling, hits the spot, cheap and makes me feel better about having a “fast food” burger. Yayyy Fresno!

Swiss Mushroom Burger $4.45
Sweet Potato Fries $2.65
Coffee Milkshake $2.95

The Habit Burger Grill
702 West Shaw Ave
Fresno CA 93704

The open road and vast nothingness along hwy 99 is actually pretty spectacular when you take a moment to appreciate it.

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