Oakland: Fentons Creamery & Restaurant

(M&M, posing with a menu for me)

I have no excuse. None really for why I’ve ignored this blog for so long, MY BABY!!! I feel like such a bad mom, I talk about her (the blog), I take all these pictures for her, I cook and even document recipes for her. Yet when it comes time, after the transferring of pictures from the new camera to the new computer, I suddenly forget to organize them, edit them and ultimately blog them. *Sobs* I am such a bad mommy! I’ve spent the last 3 days (ok, 3 months) eating hot dogs, playing Star Craft 2 and frankly feeling this overwhelming urge to write something, update her, make her all sorts of pretty again. When I get these urges I stop what I’m doing and immediately open WordPress, click the “add new post” tab then… nothing. For some odd reason I just had nothing to say anymore as soon as the blank palette was in front of me! Is it a lack of interest or just plain writers block? Whatever the case, inevitably I close down the website and go back to kicking some major booty in Star Craft 2 again, because I can and I do!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t only play video games, I also eat out when the urging hits. During my brother M and his gf M’s (we shall call them M&M, how sickly cute is that?) visit during their Christmas vacation, I decided to take them out for dinner (post to come later) afterwards brother M treated me to ice cream at Fentons Creamery. If you don’t live in the Bay Area (Oakland specifically) then you might not know that Fenton’s is a LEGEND. As far as LEGENDS in ice creamery goes, there is only Fentons. As you can see, I’m a fierce Oaklander as well as ice cream fiend. The original location on 41st and Howe opened in 1894 and it’s been at its present site on Piedmont Ave since 1961.

The design is old school ice cream parlor where the employees are still decked out in white, donning white paper hats while scooping out extra-large scoops of luscious house made ice cream creations into cones or for one of their monster (MONSTER!!!) ice cream sundaes. I can’t begin to describe how absolutely stunning these sundaes are, dripping with hot sauces, crunchy nuts and haphazardly spilling over every vessel that dares to try to contain it. I think my eyes are welling up as we speak, that or my saliva is doing weird things. There’s so many year-round flavors and just as many seasonal flavors that frankly I can’t keep up sometimes. A full menu of sinful treats from Black and Tans to Make Your Own Creations, they have food and it’s pretty good diner style food, but as always, I come here for the ICE CREAM!

M&M got the Cookie Connection: $8.95ish (ok, so forgot all the prices, my bad, I didn’t pay!)
A cookie creation that starts with a warm chocolate chip cookie under scoops of Cookies n’ Cream and Cookie Dough ice cream topped with hot fudge, marshmallow topping, whipped cream, crushed Oreos and a cherry.

I got the Create Your Own in Regular: $7.50ish
1 or 2 flavors, I choose Coffee Cookie Dream for the bottom and Cream Caramel Almond Crunch for the top. With hot fudge on the bottom and marshmallow cream on top with almonds and of course a cherry! When it arrived I kept saying “omg, I can’t eat this all, really, I can’t eat all of this
The coffee ice cream was so good, but it’s what I always get so I knew it would be great. I tried the Cream Caramel Almond Crunch for the first time and OMG! It was amazing! Sweet cream ice cream and the most buttery caramel swirled in with specks of almonds all through out. I might have a new favorite flavor.

Oh before you ask, yes, I actually did ended up eating it all. Well, I more or less devoured it!

Fentons Creamery & Restaurant
4226 Piedmont Ave
Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 658-7000

And now, because not only am I a fan of Oakland, ice cream, StarCraft and hot dogs, I also love Duran Duran. 😉
Nite Runner:

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