Oakland: Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar

Still trying ever so desperately to catch up on my blogging. I still have a few more places to post pictures of and talk about plus I plan on cooking this weekend, if my sister doesn’t go into labor! Wait did I not mention that my sister who I threw a bridal shower for, complained about for many months while she made me her B…(well you know) is pregnant?? YES SHE IS!! It’s a baby girl and she’s due on March 3rd, but I think it’ll be earlier than that, like any day now early. Of course the entire family is on edge, we haven’t had a “baby” around in such a long time! An actual infant baby and not my baby brother who gets still called a baby, even though he’s 6’2 and an adult now, but I digress!

(The BDAY girl, don’t worry, only OJ in that flute!)

We recently celebrated her (my sister) 30th birthday at Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar with their famous seafood and bottomless mimosa brunch on Super Bowl Sunday. The place was practically empty (because of the Super Bowl) and we’re a loud bunch of 10 who made the place our own. We even made friends with the omelet guy (who was pretty cute!) and the ice cream girl (who was super sweet and funny), I ended up eating 2 full plates of food plus a lot of little desserts during our 2.5 hour brunch. I’ve forgotten what its like to sit in a beautiful restaurant on the water, watch the boats, sip champagne, eat many little desserts and just take it easy with conversation with family and friends. Some of the food was good (although I’ve had much better else where), but like all buffets, seafood can be a little rubbery sitting in those holding pans. I still enjoyed a few things but really the desserts were what I gravitated to the most. Such a girl huh?
This post is picture heavy so I hope no one has any issues loading this post, if you do.. oops sorry! If you don’t, please continue to drool!

(Love walking into any restaurant and seeing fresh meats and fishes on display)

(Various hot things, waffles,french toast, blintz etc.)

(Steamed shell on Shrimps)

(Smoked Salmon platter with various breads and bagels)

(Antipasti platter)

(Chocolate covered strawberries)

(1 Bite chocolate cakes)

(Various mini desserts)

(Table service dollar hot cakes, with warm maple syrup, butter and strawberry sauce and cream)

(First plate! Clockwise: potatoes, mini bagel w/ cream cheese and smoked salmon, fresh sliced oranges, crab cake benedict, sausage and marinated mushrooms)

(Jambalaya, I prefer mine with the rice soaking up the broth, this has rice then sausage and seafood in tomato sauce ladled over, it tasted more like gumbo)

(Second plate! Clockwise: Steamed shrimps, roast beef w/ au jus (soooo goood!!!!), vegetarian (no cheese) egg white omelet (thanks awesome Omelet guy!), more sausages)

The Dessert Rounds begin!

(Creme Brulee, so good! I had 3! *face palm* they were only 3 (small) bites, or 1 big spoon full)

(Mini ice cream sundae with hand scooped vanilla ice cream, plump black berries and roasted almonds)

(Chocolate Mousse, delicious!)

(Sneak peak at the ice cream bar, various hot sauces and toppings. I especially loved the plump blackberries!)

(The Ice Cream Girl giving the boys extra big sundaes, they were super excited about it! We loved this girl, she was awesome-sauce and hand scooped all our sundaes!)

(The boys cheesing over their Sundae on a Sunday, don’t worry, only OJ for the youngings!)

(Vanilla ice cream with candied walnuts)

The sweetest thing, I mentioned to some of the servers why we were there (my pregnant sister’s 30th) and they came over, took a group shot and presented her with a birthday sundae, a red rose and a print out of the group shot in a Scott’s frame, complimentary! How sweet was that!? The service really is remarkable.

(Our waitress surprising my Sister)

(The extra charge was for another print of the group picture, not bad for 10 ALYCE&D (all you can eat & drink))

Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar
Jack London Sq
2 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 444-3456

EDIT 3/6/13: My sister has given birth! I wrote this out a few weeks ago and took my sweet time to publish it. On Feb 26th at 9:01am, I now have my beautiful baby girl, my gorgeous niece to hold and cuddle. I’m an excited first time Auntie and ready to do some major spoiling!

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