Alameda: Hang Ten Boiler

I’m kinda embarrassed to say that this eating adventure was from February. I only know that because I took a picture of the bill, *face palms*, I know.. I know! Like I said, steadily going through my back log!

Hang Ten Boiler used to be just a Hawaiian BBQ joint, a local favorite just a block away from Alameda High School and Park Street. They’ve recently (ok, back in February) reinvented themselves into a Cajun boil house and buying into the trend of such restaurants as Boiling Crab and Rocking Crawfish. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE IT! I love even more that I don’t have to drive to San Jose for a weeknight fix. They also have items unique to their establishment, such as all their Hawaiian bbq items, Hang Ten sauce and my personal favorite, their Curry sauce! I also think they have the best Garlic Noodles ever! I loved it so much I ordered some to go. It’s that good and I’m seriously craving it as I type this!

I prefer Boiling Crab’s Whole Shebang sauce over the Hang Ten Sauce, there’s just something about the Whole Shebang I haven’t found a counter to yet, but I’ve fallen in love with the “Steph” Curry Sauce. All the Cajun boiler type restaurants I’ve ever been to (and there have been many) I have NEVER seen a curry sauce offered. I had to get it, I’m such a curry fiend (Cambodian, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Chinese etc..) that I couldn’t leave without ordering it. It did not disappoint, I loved the punch of yellow curry spice that balanced out the perfectly sweet succulent shrimps. I ate the entire pound and licked my fingers afterwards! Did I mention the staff is pretty awesome? They’re so friendly and seem to know almost everyone who walked in the door, I dig that. It’s like Cheers remixed with your favorite Hawaiian Uncle’s house, except this Uncle isn’t really Hawaiian or even Cajun, but I over looked all that ‘cus the food is legit. Mahalo!

Tiny spot, so the wait can be a bit. Luckily I didn’t have to on my visit:

Side of Garlic Noodles, loooove!! Got another order to go:

Sweet Potato Waffle Fries:

Side of Steamed Rice:

1 lbs Calms in H10 Sauce, Medium Spice level w/ Corn:

1 lbs Shrimps in Curry Sauce, Mild Spice level:

The Aftermath:

The Damages:

On a later date, I came back and ordered (more) garlic noodles as well as the catfish and fries. It was perfect! Large plump fillet not overly breaded with perfectly spiced cornmeal, fried crispy but so moist and juicy on the inside. Deng it! I wish I had taken a picture!

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