San Mateo: Himawari

I am making myself accountable this year for my blog. It’s a food diary, it’s a recipe index, it’s a public announcement of my love for all things culinary, it’s a personal space for late night ramblings. It deserves better from me that sporadic posts whenever I can make myself. I’m entering into a 52 weeks of blogging project. One post, every week for the rest of 2014, I realized how little I’ve been posting when WordPress sent me my yearly report. I only posted 14 times last year! I’m onto a good start. I did last week and I’m getting a head start on this week. Yayyyy!!!!

I’ve been to Himawari numerous times. Before Ramen Izakaya Kagura opened, it was the only place in San Mateo I knew of for late night ramen. One thing that’s always stood out to me was their Chicken Karaage. Honestly the best I’ve ever had. Perfectly crispy, lightly fried batter and juicy huge pieces of chicken. The ramen is good, not the best soup nor the best chashu I’ve ever had, but it’s a good medium. They have the biggest menu I’ve ever seen for any ramen joint, from sushi, to tons of different ramens, rice bowls, lots of appetizers and topping options. Normally I like a small menu because it means they focus on those few items. That’s what ramen is all about isn’t it? Their portions are huge and the noodles are always on point. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad noodle experience from them. I’m still searching for my favorite ramen spot and although I like Himawari, I’d go if I were in the area but not actively seek it out from across the bay.

Tonkotsu Ramen w/ extra EXTRA corn. I love corn, it’s a beautiful bowl and I appreciate the tons of green onions


Perfectly cooked slurpable noodles

Chicken Karaage, the BEST! Haven’t had one better!

Sakes on full display

The boys doing their thing in an open kitchen. Man I love open kitchens… and boys who cook! Teehee

Condiments at every table: Fried Garlic (I’m a garlic girl), White Pepper, Togarashi and Chili Oil

202 2nd Ave
San Mateo, CA 94401
(650) 375-1005

Week 2 of 52… CHECK!!

I’m listening to this ‘cus it rocks and I wish they’d get back together!

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