Oakland: PyeongChang Tofu House

I’m sick, I hate being sick. I also only remembered today not even 15 minutes ago that I haven’t blogged week 3 yet. Deng it! I’ve been so consumed on editing a piece I had written (tell you later!) earlier and completely forgot about blogging. So today, it will be a fast one because I am tired, sick, irritable and I really want some soup also! Some soondubu actually, because nothing will break up the phlegm-y feeling I have deep in my chest and the headache pounding in my skull like spicy Korean soft tofu soup! Someone bring me some!??

The place is tiny, but I love their hand carved looking tables and chairs.

A small menu consisting of mostly Soondubu, Bi Bim Bop and some BBQ items

The only appetizer offered on the menu: Nok Doo Jun
Korean Pureed bean Pancakes that came with a soy dipping sauce. My first taste of this and it was fantastic! Crispy outside, soft and fluffy inside.

Banchans, the kimchi is on point! One of the best I’ve tasted.

Seafood Tofu Soup, medium spice level

Soondubu always come boiling hot in a stone pot to your table with a raw egg on the side. You break this into the piping hot stew and as it cools to a temperature that won’t burn your mouth and insides as you eat, the egg should be at a beautiful soft boil. I’ve begun to do something different the past few years. I like to crack my egg, let it sink in and sit for just a minute. Long enough for a thin shell to develop around the egg yolk. Then I fish it out gently and place it upon my hot rice. Every so gently I break the yolk and let the rich golden sunshine coat my rice grains in happiness.

I wrote something while eating this soup, an ode to the sexiness that broken egg yolks have. I’ve had it called 50 Shades of Yolks:

I love breaking a raw egg right into my bubbling hot soup, waiting only moments for the outside layer to solidify before my spoon begins to fish. Carefully I transfer the quivering mass of beauty to my hot rice and as the steam hit my nostril, I break the yolk quickly, excitement barely contained as the liquid gold slathers itself all over each grain. Begging for me to take a bite and as I do, the murmur of satisfaction barely leave my lips before I shove another spoonful of rice in my gaping maw. Faster and faster, unable to stop as I savor the feeling of rich golden sunshine coating my tongue and throat. When it’s gone, I lay back in exhaustion as disappointment overcomes my body, I want more.

Yea, I’m a culinary slut.

The best part of the meal, crispy pieces of rice stuck to the stone pot, enjoy as you finish the rest of your soup or pay the bill.

All done, see you next week!

PyeongChang Tofu House
4701 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609

Week 3 of 52…CHECK!

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