Did I forget week 4 last week? Why yes I did, but I have a great reason! Remember how I was saying on my last post that I was sick? Well that night, I went to sleep and didn’t fully wake up until 2 or 3 am Monday morning. I got hit with a 105.1 fever and had o be taken into the ER. I don’t remember much as I was going in and out of consciousness, I stayed in the hospital for a few days. The official diagnoses: H2N1, the Asian Flu. I know! It’s so ironic I can barely stand it! I spent the last few days in solitary both at the hospital and at home. Everyone is afraid of catching it and I don’t blame them, it’s a scary and nasty bug to have! Today was the first day I felt up to sitting for a long period, progress!!

I haven’t been able to cook, so I’m pulling from my massive backlog for content. This week will have 2 posts and I will be caught up. I am determined to see this 52 Weeks of Blogging through! I hope you guys don’t mind mostly pictures, everything was delicious but the stand outs were the artichokes and chicken wings, gosh that artichoke was amazing!. The low point was the mussels or rather the broth, it was slightly metallic tasting to me. I couldn’t pin point it.

“Mac n’ Cheese” (no cheese)| butternut squash, cream 8


Brussels Sprouts | brown butter 7

Grilled Artichoke |tarragon aïoli 10

Chicken Wings | citrus, chili, fish sauce, mint 9

Mussels | roasted tomato broth, fries, aioli 17

Beet Salad | mâche, goat cheese, pecan 9

Fried Calamari | chili, shallot 9

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Week 4 of 52.. CHECK!