Union City: Men Oh Tokushima Ramen

Oh, I’m a bad girl. A very bad girl. Although I have a valid excuse, I’ve been still feeling extraordinarily fatigued from my H2N1 flu ordeal. My Dr. said I would be feeling fatigued for at least a few more weeks and to take it easy and let my body heal on its own. Does he not know me? I never take it easy! I even feel bad I wrote such a quick thoughtless write of Mua last week. Speaking of last week, I was supposed to do 2 week’s worth and I only did 1 week’s worth of 52WoB! This week, I will catch up so next week I’ll be schedule. My father’s birthday just passed and we couldn’t find the time to gather together for a night out, instead, I’ll be cooking a big Sunday Night dinner for this weekend. Steak with some awesome sides, I’ll finally have some cooking to post. Although I don’t mind posting all my eating out adventures, they’re fun also.

A few weeks before I got sick, I was craving ramen so badly, I grabbed 2 GFs who were free for the night and ran over to Men Oh Tokushima Ramen for some hot noodle loving. I’ve since grown to be a huge ramen fanatic and constantly hunting down new places for slurptastic experiences. Men oh Tokushima Ramen is on the quiet side of the plaza it’s in, around the corner from Sheng Kee Bakery and can be so easily missed. Luckily I knew the plaza very well and was able to direct my friends, it’s incredibly tiny and is next door to a shabu shabu joint that I’m also looking to try. The interior is modern, with 10 or so private tables and 2 long communal tables, it’s cute and makes good use of a tiny space.

We must have arrived during dinner rush because every seat was filled. We waited outside in the cold and was greeted by our server Stacy (Stacie??) with hot cups of teas, bonus points! Stacy is a G btw, not only was she serving us teas, she was running food, taking orders, busing tables and seating folks, I appreciate that. A few seats finally opened up at the communal table, right in front of the window that separates the dining room from the kitchen. I love those types of windows, it’s because I’m a nosy girl and like to watch. Even better as I start to pull out my camera and hold it to my eyes to check the lighting, one of the boy cooks made kissy faces at me. Oooooh! So I held my camera up and took a shot of them cheesing away, they’re both pretty cute huh?? I told them I would blog this!

After surveying the menu, we ordered and settled back for girl talk:


TAKOYAKI | Octopus Balls

We had this conversation about balls as we ate this:
D: hmmm, I didn’t know octopus had balls
Ro: Oh I’ve been a balls connoisseur since my youngin’ days
Me: I figured you for a balls lover Ro!
Ro: I love balls
Me: Me too!
D: This got out of hand fast!

CHICKEN KARAAGE | Japanese-style Fried Chicken

TOKUSHIMA DON | Chashu and Butabara over rice
BEST BITE OF THE NIGHT!!!!!! OMG, I’m still reeling from how good this was, the bowl was HUGE and the price was so little I could have made a meal by ordering 2 orders of this. A sprinkling of red pepper powder and it was perfect.

TOKUSHIMA RAMEN | House-made noodles in a rich pork bone and soy sauce-based soup topped with:
Chashu Pork (simmered pork), Butabara (stir-fried pork belly), Menma (bamboo shoots), Negi (green onions), Raw Egg, Corn.

I really was digging on that raw egg flavor, it was so creamy and dreamy. Although I will say I liked my friend’s spicy tonkotsu broth better,

Not bad huh?

Men Oh Tokushima Ramen
34308 Alvarado-Niles Rd
Union City, CA 94587
(510) 477-9481
Men Oh Tokushima Ramen

Week 5 of 52…CHECK!

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