As you can see, there is no more “FatGirlEuphoria”, I’ve newly titled the blog Refugee Kitchen and am in the process of switching everything over. Changing the name wasn’t too hard of a decision, although I loved the FGE name and identity, I was getting found through random searches like:

cute fat girl eats cake
fat asian girls
cute fat asian girls
fat girls eating

Now I take it as a compliment that anyone would consider me cute! I was also taken back at how many of these searches landed on my blog on a daily basis, I can only assume fat girl fetishes are at an all time high!? I wonder what they thought when they reached my cooking blog, that I’d really love to know.


Refugee Kitchen

From 1975 to 1979, the Khmer Rouge controlled Cambodia, systematically murdering 2.2 million Cambodians. Half lost their lives through brutal executions known today as The Killing Fields and the rest through forced labor, starvation and disease. My parents escaped through mountains filled with land mines, traveling under the cloak of night with only one satchel half full of necessities and a few memories of their past life. It took several months before they reached the safety of Kao I Dang, a refugee camp on the Thailand border where I was born 5 months later. My father, an ex-Cambodian soldier, was able to secure our escape and at 1 ½ years old, my feet sunk into American soil on October 28, 1981. As a refugee I’ve since become a part of a newly named generation. The Half Generation, desperately trying to balance the old traditions of our newly immigrated parents with the westernization we faced on a daily basis. After years of searching for my happy medium I’ve finally learned to do it through food. Daily teachings from my mother on techniques, ingredients and flavors perfectly balance my growing addiction to hamburgers, chicken wings and French fries.

(In Khao I Dang refugee camp on the Thailand border)

This site will be a journey into the delicate balance of being both traditional and westernized, of loving beautifully stinky fermented fish paste along with grass-fed burgers on a brioche bun. Of writing down my mother’s recipes, my father’s stories, my identity and passing it along to our future generation so they may never forget the struggles their grandparents endured to bring our family to where we are now.

(A few months after arriving in America, I know, I’m super cute right!? TeeHee)

My cooking style is Cambodian Californian. It’s using the root flavors of traditional Cambodian cuisine and pairing it with Californian style and cooking methods. Californian cuisine focuses on fresh locally sourced ingredients, utilizing all this beautiful state has to offer. I’m not formally trained but loving food needs no training; just a sense of adventure, a willingness to fail and the love of all things edible.

Thank you for joining me. 😉


Do not repost my contents without crediting me or this blog.
Do not use my personal recipes, videos or pictures without my permission for public or monetary gain.
Have common courtesy for intellectual properties. Show the love.

EMAIL: Bren.Refugee.Kitchen@gmail.com

8 Comments Add yours

  1. chefman316 says:

    Thanks you for liking my posts!!!
    AMEN TO BURGERS!!! and let me know the next time coleslaw wrestling is happening.

    1. Ms Fatty says:

      LOL, will do, I’ll take bets!

  2. ooh.. really enjoyed reading about your family’s history… mine is not too different! i’m excited to meet other khmer american bloggers. looking forward to reading your posts and recipes!

    1. Brendalynn says:

      Thank you so much!! I’m always excited to meet other Khmer bloggers.. or bloggers in general!

  3. Wow~ I am so excited to find your blog!! I sort of have the opposite story from you hahaha I am originally from California but now run a non-profit and reside in Cambodia. My husband is Khmai (born and raised here in Phnom Penh) so I am always trying to learn new Cambodian recipes to cook for the two of us. Just tonight I made Cha Kroueng, it was good, but… just not quite right. I then stumbled across your blog and read over your recipe and went OOOOH that is what was missing!! Sooo thank you! Can’t wait to see more of your Khmai recipes 😀

    1. Brendalynn says:

      Hi Kristan! Wow that’s amazing! How is it living in the Cambodia? I haven’t had the pleasure of going there yet. Also what was it that you were missing?

  4. Chantha says:

    Hi there! I stubbled upon your page after googling “chicken soup khmer” and read your blog. We have a lot in common, age, race, birthplace, love for good food and my dad was also a former soldier etc. where in cali are you from?

    1. Brendalynn says:

      Hi Chantha! I’m sorry it took me so long to respond, I was in NYC! I’m in Oakland, what about you? Thank you for checking out my tiny blog!

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