Spicy Avocado Pico de Gallo

So now I’m officially 2 weeks behind. Next week I need 3 posts to be completely caught up, slowly and surly I’m catching up! I feel less guilty because I do have things to post now, if only I can get over my laziness at times!

Chili Caramel Pork Chops

I initially set out for a new glaze for chicken wings, only to find I didn’t have any wings on hand. Substituting with pork chops I bought a few days earlier, I started pulling different ingredients from the cupboards as well as the fridge. I stared at everything for a bit, trying to figure the…

San Francisco: Alhamra

The wedding is over. My sister’s that is, not mine. Although through this entire process of helping her plan and execute 5 billion things I’ve wholeheartedly decided NOT to have a wedding of my own. I shall elope! Of course my sister threatens to “shank” me if I actually went through with it. Scary thought….

San Mateo: Ramen Dojo

San Mateo has tons.. TONS of respectable Ramen joints. I’ve been on this never-ending quest for that perfect bowl. Thick flavorful broth, springy just right noodles, toppings galore and something to make all those Southern CA cats STFU because they have such a righteous Ramen culture there. I’ve been disappointed before with Bay Area Ramen, I’ve…